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Wholesale flowers to the retail market.
Real Florist offers fresh flowers at wholesale prices.
Real Florist

A simple rental inquiry to Harcourts Caloundra becomes a tale of woe....
How Harcourts Caloundra handles a complaint.... by insulting and intimidating the complainant
and ignoring the Harcourts so called Values and Philosophy,
Harcourts Caloundra and Luke Carter Owner / Proprietor

Investigation into Harcourts Caloundra, of what seems to be a false claim that they are the...
"Most Awarded Real Estate Agency in Caloundra",
because they fail to identify their so called awards,
Harcourts Caloundra (Investigation)

Exposing the greedy gouging of the Aboriginal Flag:
WAM Report
Aboriginal Flag Clothing

The Fuck Off website:
Fuck Off Report